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Initial Consultation

  • Overview of individual situation
  • Review of academic profile
  • Needs assessment
  • Strategic Plan Development

Hourly Counseling

  • Manage parent and student expectations and related stress
  • Discuss and negotiate conflict and communication
  • Improve self-esteem and peer relationships
  • Focus on the day-to-day and different coping skills

Comprehensive Package

  • Develop, update, and refine an individualized strategic plan
  • Create a personalized list of schools that match the student's interests and needs
  • Prepare for campus visits and interviews
  • Activities and extracurricular resume
  • Application review
  • Assistance and review of parent and student application essays (when applicable)
  • Motivate and provide support throughout the entire process

Customized School List Only

  • Formulate a preliminary list including good, target, and reach schools
  • Develop the list based on interests, curriculum, activities, and environment

Essay Assistance Only

  • Organize and develop essay ideas
  • Edit, review, and finalize essay content

Applying to school? Let us help you with the application process.

In addition to coaching and counseling, we provide educational and college consulting. We have incorporated our own professional, educational, and life experiences into the advice we give teens about dealing with pragmatic and emotional issues with confidence.

We communicate frequently and remain available throughout the entire process to respond to questions and/or concerns. We encourage students to take ownership of the process and expect full participation in order to be successful.